Saturday, June 2, 2007

preliminary ghost notes

it’s not just dead hamlet, it’s every soldier that has died in battle for the righteousness of this natural kingdom. and now that it has been usurped, this rotten flesh in denmark will rise up out of the ground. it is stepping into reality, not content to stay in the ground anymore. flesh as element as quintessence, as it discerns itself out of earth, water, air, fire. decomposing flesh and how do you reactivate it, redefine it. fire needs fiber to exist. all those things that will burn on earth.

discerning between saliva/air, breath, earth/flesh – all elements mixed together because it’s decomposing flesh.

drooling goo, decomposed = all of denmark all who have fought and died for the rightful throne of denmark.

it’s as natural as it is supernatural.

look for sight inside your eyes. look into back of head to see what’s coming up with you. see your tail, backwards into your body.

signature is “la” (dies irae dies illa) – open mouth, munch’s scream. ghost starts and ends there always.

-- flesh forming one step up onto platform

-- one plus ending in munch’s scream = cock crows

-- everything goes into book that i will carry (with vulture on left shoulder and birds under feet); the book is me = kingdom = history = what's right and good in denmark = what hamlet will inherit = the legacy = what i will give to him

-- on platform vulture flies off; i find vision but 360 degree simultanously; book is delivered; i turn and give it to hamlet (look how it beckons you)

hamlet will follow me same way. ships crossing in night. coming into my world.


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