Thursday, June 14, 2007

GO SEE LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK!!!! -- no really... go see it!

I saw it last night. It got a standing ovation -- how often does that happen other than on Broadway where it's just a hohum habit!? Well, here it was well deserved. The acting is excellent across the board, the fight choreography is thrilling and the play and production are what anyone who has ever complained of the moribund state of American theater is looking for. No geezer theater that's better done on film or TV here. And like the comic books it emulates, Vampire Cowboys' theater has a cult following. How cool is that! (And Jason is like totally rock 'n roll - make that punk - happenin' with his studded leather wrist cuffs, bad-ass moves and wide-ranged Ghost-ninja-zombie-Hamlet portrayal, and yes, I'm biased -- he is my son after all -- but it's still true.)


Jason said...

how freakin' awesome is my mom!

gaby said...

what ho?
oh... um,
the lady won't protest too much :)

gaby said...

oh and... i'm really happy you read me... have i ever mentioned that?