Monday, April 23, 2007


Apparently, Shakespeare himself is traditionally believed to have played the Ghost. Perfect.


Jason said... can take solace in the fact he also played the chorus in Henry 5 and somewhat knowingly, probably a little tongue in cheekily asked the audiences to forgive the actors, the play and this theatre and "kindly to judge, gently to hear our play." he's rumored to have played the First Player also. Though I'm pretty sure he didn't play Gertie...

gaby said...

No, I really meant it... perfect - who better to play the instigator than the author. But it is cool to think of Shakespeare as an actor first and a playwright second, ain't it? Especially in companies with names like Lord Strange's Men. Great name for a rock band, don't you think!?!! (Especially if it were a grrrl band, which wouldn't happen in his time... so, come to think of it, maybe he did play Gertie...)